Sunday, February 27, 2011

Has Age Or Children Changed Your Alcohol Consumption?

I was ready and grateful to pick up some extra hours working at my favorite clinical skin spa this weekend. If you call Jillian Wright Clinical Skin Spa on a Sunday, I am who you will be speaking too.

I can honestly say I love everyone that works there and what they bring to the table. I do not think my words could ever convey the inspiration, admiration or happiness that the people and the place bring me.

It is on a rare occasion that I get to work with the owner and Saturday was one of those days along with another beautiful esthetician that I regularly work with.

We were fully booked as usual. The three of us working together brought a bit of dialogue to the day. I just happened to have my face buried in the computer when I heard product  placed on the desk. Looking up from the computer screen, I saw my friend patting her cheeks, saying, “I think my face started to age since I stopped drinking.” I could say nothing except laugh. This esthetician has me laughing most Sundays and like everyone there, keeps it real. There are two people in my life that I would dare not ask their age. She is one of them. This led into a whole conversation which started out with ”Remember when…” I am Not a nostalgic person by nature, but the brief conversation quickly took me back to a couple of ever so fond memories.

Once upon a time I enjoyed a Dirty Martini or a Seven and Seven, but hard liquor can no longer meet these lips. Gone are the days of ordering a Dirty Martini or two, a father-in-law who makes the Best Bellini’s and emerging out of a South Florida club at 7 AM with friends. It feels like another lifetime.

The question that I asked was,"Is it the aging process, having children, or changes in body chemistry that alters your tolerance for alcohol?" I’ve never been a heavy drinker myself; I like to wake up the next morning, feel good and be productive although an egg and cheese omelet, black coffee and OJ in the morning have helped in the past, along with a packet of Emergen-C. These days one glass of red wine is lovely, two glasses, I bid thee a good night; anymore I’m energetically scrambled for days. It’s not worth it. Let it be known that I do admire any woman who knows her scotch and that will smoke a cigar.

Realizing that everyone has different tolerances and even having a few friends who cannot even drink alcohol, have you increased or decreased your alcohol consumption since children or aging?

Please feel free to contribute your experiences and thoughts to my ongoing consensus about this subject matter.