Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can we just not talk about BOOBS!

This is what I heard from a new Mom the other day after one of my classes. My ears perked up and I was ready to listen. Who doesn't like this subject? As someone who doesn't follow trends for the most part I was unaware that not breastfeeding is not PC these days according to some of the women that I've recently met. One of the great things about living in this city is the amount of options that are available for new Moms. Isn't there a support group for everything these days? Apparently not. I never jumped on the band wagon with that but did my best to go to some sort of class/get together every week when my son was a baby.

New Mom support groups are abundant here and probably would have benefited from joining one myself but joining anything really isn't my bag.

So here's the question, what about the women who can't or simply don't want to breastfeed? Some are in these support groups where week after week all they hear is talk about sore nipples, mastitis, latching on and leakage. It can be isolating enough being a first time Mom. Your world as you once knew it has been flipped turned inside out and all your hearing is boob talk.

Don't get me wrong I am grateful for those Women that forged the way and continue their mission. Standing up against the prudes and pharmaceutical companies and saying "No, it's not alright for me to be in hiding because of the simple fact I can nourish and sustain another human being." 

I chose to nurse my son and did so for a year. Being the "in thing" or not that's just what I wanted to do and it didn't come without it's challenges I can a sure you. If it wasn't for my friend Jillian who told me to stick with it for at least 6 weeks I might have given up.

Doesn't it really just come down to this, Choice? We women have fought long and hard to simply have that basic human right. We are blessed to live in a culture that can challenge the status quo. If you are looking for something you'll find it and probably a small army of others who feel or think the same. Why not just support each other without agenda? Own what you choose. If that means whipping it out on a packed subway car or mixing a bottle while eating out know that someone else is doing the exact same thing and with that I raise my milk glass to all the baby mama's.

I welcome your comments:)

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  1. So well written! I'm not a mommy (just an aunt who loves her nephew), but I agree...breastfeeding is a choice & a woman should do what she feels is best for her child!