Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sayonara August!

There is no doubt in my mind that my August is probably your January. Most people tire of cold come February, I tire of the heat come August. It is not particularly my favorite month. For the most part I feel like I'm being cooked alive and thinking this is what it must be like inside a Tandoori Oven.

Now, I am not a "calendar watcher" per say, so just because it's August 1st doesn't mean that things begin to go sideways. It's more of an internal feeling that just seems to "be there". For those of us who are internally lead you can probably relate. For those of you who aren't, e.g. my husband, try not to analyze too much - it's an internal thing. These internal shifts are happening all the time. Some you notice others you don't and they go by without your conscious awareness. For me come August or any other melting heat wave, I first start to feel a little "off", then I feel a bit run down, and then ultimately I just feel like crap. Over the years though, I've gotten pretty good at noticing when I'm off  - physically, emotionally and even mentally. Usually it's my husband that will make me aware of the mental shift, as gently as an analytical mind can. This shift I will eventually come around to admiting, sometimes with more resistance than other times.  : )

Ever since I can remember, the month of August has been a physical challenge for me. So over the years I've learned a few things that help. First and foremost is to remind myself that August and the god foresaken heat will eventually end!  My next item on the list is to see my acupuncturist and along with that a bit of NAET thrown in. Those things honestly get me through and remain thankful that I have access to these wonderful methods that work for me.

This year, I found it interesting that a friend and my husband stated the same thing on the same day, "Maybe you just need to rest." My friend Kyra informed me that most people in India during the hot months have people come in to scrub their floors, even if they are of moderate means, and that naps are taken in the afternoon. This got me thinking. For the most part, people here in the city leave on the weekends or take the month off to enjoy themselves and have some R&R. Quite frankly I do enjoy the "quietness" of the city during August and do a bit more outings myself, but I have great relief when September comes. In my mind when September arrives things go back to normal.

So I had to look at this for myself. My attitude is, "This is New York people, everyone back to work!" Perhaps it would behove me to rest a bit more during this month, which I have, and prepare in advance to take a long vacation during August. I heard Greenland is nice this time of year. I've had to ask myself if this is some sort of self fulfilling prophecy? No I don't believe so, and according to Chinese Medicine the month of August is a transitional month, moving from the Fire element into the Earth element which affects us on many levels whether we notice or not.

As I bid fare well to another August I am grateful that this month has brought clarity into my life and that right action can be taken to to maintain a healthy state of being and with that -- Sayonara August!

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  1. I am grateful to say adios to Aug. as well. Sept. & Oct. bring about a kind of "freshness," and motivation seems to return. I love fall!