Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Move Where? Dallas? As In Texas?" A Conversation With My Husband.

My intent is not to offend, but if you happen to be sensitive about how your state (as in Texas) is perceived, maybe you should consider calling it quits with my post now. Now that that's out of the way....

Emerging from my bedroom early one morning wiping the sleep from my eyes, I shuffled over to my coffee pot (yes I shuffle in the morning), I happened to notice my husband sprawled out on the couch, computer in hand looking very intently at the screen. Not being a morning person I don't care for chit chat before my first cup of coffee, so if anyone has something to say it better be direct, because I only have the patience for "yes" and "no's". On this particular morning our conversation went something like this :

Husband : "What cities will you be willing to move to? I have a list. Number one, San Fransisco?"
Me: Looking up from my freshly poured cup of coffee, "Seriously?" (Insert my "Are You Kidding Me" face here) "YES! You know this."

Husband : "Just clarifying Stefanie."  "Seattle?"
Me: Now, Seattle has been dangling in front of our faces for years now. Seattle has this mystical feel for me rolling off of those waters and who doesn't want to live where Grunge music originated. Great coffee, rather cloudy though so I'll just buy a few of those Light Boxes for the house to help with my seasonal depression :) "Yes."

Husband : "St. Paul?"
Me: I know nothing of the place but it's gotten great reviews for living and working. "Maybe, it's cold though."

Husband: "LA?"
Me: I need a place a bit more grounded and heard the schools there aren't so great. "No."

Husband: "Dallas?"
Me: That alone was enough to make me speak more than one word. "As in Texas? They were at the bottom of if not dead last for education last year and the state seems to be very proud of the Bush's. I might just have to become a bonified liberal if we were to ever move there."
Husband: "But Stef, even people in Texas don't care for Dallas. Dallas is different from the rest of the state, it's pretty liberal as far as Texas goes."
Me: "Yeah, but didn't the state want to break away from the union? NO!"

Husband: "Chicago?"
Me: Too bloody cold and I'm an outdoors person (as long as there is a shower and clean comfortable bed awaiting me at the end of the day). Being stuck indoors for six months would be the end of me. No."

Husband: "Boston?"
Me: I feel a slight smile upon my face. Rich in history, wonderful schools, the water is right there, Baron Baptiste's yoga studio, New York City rival town. "Possible. Need to visit."

Husband: "Atlanta?"
Me: Thinking, thinking, thinking. It caused me to pause. A bit of a culture shock being the South and all, but I've been hearing about some amazing things coming out of that city lately. I would have to visit first though. It feels pretty good. "Yes."

Husband: "Last but not least, DC?"
Me: "Yes."

Only time will tell, we've come so close to moving before. This has been a lesson in truly being where you are - not looking too far ahead, because the likely hood of missing a blessing or something really great can happen. I have learned so much about myself and the world living in NYC. I would not trade any of my experiences in for anything. They have helped shape who I've become. I am proud to say that I am a New Yorker, open to people, cultures and  ideas. Thankful of the beauty of Central Park, the city's architecture, the museums of every art form known to mankind, performing arts, the little "unknown spots" that I've found, Warwick NY, the amount of activities to do with my child, the great restaurants, Balthazar bread, farmer's markets, diversity from one neighborhood to the next and the wonderful people that have come into my life. New York City will always be "Thee City" in my book.

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  1. Sorry I didn't read this until 6 weeks later. What about Indianapolis? or Cincinnati or Columbus? North Carolina is nice too!