Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Over Think It

I had a rare treat of taking a 90 minute vinyasa yoga class the other day with a friend. As my friend said "vinyasa" I just happened to observe a resistance arise in me. Now coming from a vinyasa back ground you'd  think I would be down with it and not think twice about it, but these days I prefer my own practice in the comfort of my own home, minus the music and mirrors where I can move at my own pace and ease into the postures I comfortably know. 
I prefer my comfort zone and practice just that - comfortably, on and off my yoga mat.

During this particular class I found myself thinking : What the hell is this? I'm looking in one direction only to be completely turned around, (lord knows how I got there) and then back around lowering into a one legged chaturanga just in time to hear the teacher say, "don't over think it".

Isn't that life though? We go along our way trying to maintain some sort of comfort and familiarity only to find our lives have been completely spun around and we are left in a  position having no clue how we got there, thinking what the hell is this?
Taking a look at my resistance to this specific yoga practice, I have found that I don't naturally flow and transition with ease through my life. Vinyasa yoga IS to flow and transition, to let go into this beautiful dance between breath and movement with ease no matter what posture is presented. The realization that the yoga practice that has been with me all of these years never really got carried over into my everyday life was a bit humbling to say the least.

How I approach my yoga is really no different then how I approach my life. They are fundamentally one in the same. I think how you approach anything is indicative to how you approach life in general.
Do I struggle on the mat and in life, or except and navigate consciously with whatever presents itself to me? Is there really a need to do or undo? Or can I simply just say yes to life essentially? Perhaps the very practice that makes me wince is exactly the yoga practice I need right now.

Using some of the principles of vinyasa yoga to learn how to go with the flow and transition with whatever life situations ensue, the comfortable and the uncomfortable, saying yes to the challenge of having my box expanded and as the yoga teacher said, "don't over think it".    





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