Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Can Society "Sexualize" What Is Already Sexual?

A heading that has the words "parents' council" or "parents' group" in it will generally get me to click on it. I especially get a kick out of it when these groups just happen to be up in arms about something. This time it's Miley Cyrus's new music video that has some parents cringing. Not being a fan of her what so ever, I had to educate myself a bit with Ms. Cyrus and her career.

Understandably, I can see why some parents are not too happy with the pop singer - her current video is not very Disney-esque. It has the seventeen year old rolling around on a bed in black boy shorts wearing a bedroom eye mask, another shot of her has her on the side of a bathtub with six inch heels, etc. All very sexually orientated. I'm sure we will see her on the cover of Maxim in the near future like the rest of the young starlet's that need to say, "Look at me. I'm not a little girl anymore".

Here is what I take issue with... why must we sexualize everything? Why is it that these young women who have been in the entertainment business for most of their lives come of age and all of the sudden feel the need to objectify themselves sexually? Does this some how make them an adult? And how long should have Ms. Cyrus waited until she unleashed her sexual prowess on to the world (her show only ended a few months ago)? If we continually put these young women (and men) out there, how can we expect people not to be attracted to under aged, i.e. jail bait, when sex is equated with youth?

These were my initial thoughts and feelings after reading the article about Miley on FOX, but after putting all that aside I had to ask myself what is the real reason that I take issue with all of this? Deciding to dive in and be a detective with these thoughts and feelings it comes down to this - I don't have an issue with it. It is impossible to "sexualize" what is already inherently sexual. People's attraction to youth (not children), but rather adolescents is conditioned. And let's be honest girls today don't look like the girls of yesterday at the same age. Not to mention humankind has always had it's eye on finding the "fountain of youth". And remember that in the not too distant past many people did not live past the age of 30. Pre-teen and early teens were a good age to begin reproducing, obviously we live well beyond that of our ancestors now, which may exacerbate this even more.

The question always comes back to the fact that society's views, an agglomeration of individual minds, never is in Truth.


Thank you to my Teacher for "pointing the way". Om Namah Shivaya. And thank you to Marko for helping me piece this blog together.

As always I Welcome your thoughts.

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